The fair for Hunters with a passion for the Wild, for the Hunt and for Nature
15, 16 & 17-04-2016
du Fourneau
Saint Michel
4. Fourneau Saint-Michel
BE-6870 Saint-Hubert

A unique fair for a unique public!

HUNTING CAPITAL is a three-day fun-filled event for hunters, together with their families, friends and acquaintances. In short, a unique experience for anyone who holds nature close to their heart, in the ultimate and most unique place in the whole of Benelux: the Fourneau Saint-Michel open-air museum in Saint-Hubert

Fourneau Saint-Michel
Over a three-day period, HUNTING CAPITAL will turn this spacious and peaceful oasis into the beating heart of the hunting world. It will be a meeting place where the crème de la crème of the hunting world will come together in order to provide visitors with an inside view of the current offering in terms of hunting. It’s an opportunity for surprising encounters and a chance to reflect upon the past hunting season, a highly treasured moment where every story gets to shine just a little bit more brightly...
The life of the hunter
True to tradition, we shall take great pride in inviting the major brands from the hunting weapons sector to HUNTING CAPITAL. As always, all the established brands in optics will, of course, be represented. Practical hunting accessories, traditionally-made hunting knives, the newest models of all-terrain vehicles and quad bikes, taxidermy, nature photography, country style, art, gastronomy, lifestyle and country chic... in short, you’re sure to find everything relating to hunting and the hunter at HUNTING CAPITAL. And last but not least: hunting horn blowers, birds of prey, laser shooting, hounds and the very characteristic stag-roaring imitations, all icons of Saint-Hubert which will add the final pinch of spice to the event.
Between friends
Besides this, anyone who does not hunt but who holds nature and the animals to be found there dear can have great fun at HUNTING CAPITAL, enjoying the friendly atmosphere that is so typical of the hunting community. Of course, this year once again, dogs, birds of prey, laser shooting, and hunting horns are among the lively ingredients that add zest to the fringe programme. Incidentally, did you know that HUNTING CAPITAL is one of the rare fairs where your dog is welcome, too?
Never decide before HUNTING CAPITAL! 
Are you thinking of going on a hunting trip in the near future? Don’t make your decision before HUNTING CAPITAL. Nowhere else will you find such a rich selection or the chance to discuss your plans personally with those in charge at your potential travel destination. And above all, don’t forget to bring along your non-hunter friends for the experience. For them, HUNTING CAPITAL is not only a chance to snap up a practical outfit for all sorts of outdoor activities, but will serve first and foremost as a revelation, a source of astonishment at the glimpse into the world of game, hunting, nature and friendship that you as a hunter find so endlessly fascinating.
Belgian Ardennes 
If you’re travelling from afar, then why not combine HUNTING CAPITAL with a visit to the cultural and historical heritage of the Belgian Ardennes! The websites of the Belgian province of Luxemburg, Grande Fôret de Saint-Hubert (55,000 hectares) and the town of Saint-Hubert will provide you with an overview of the cultural calendar, as well as giving you access to a wide range of accommodation. And it has to be said, the Belgian Ardennes are also home to some very special culinary delights!