The fair for Hunters with a passion for the Wild, for the Hunt and for Nature
15, 16 & 17-04-2016
du Fourneau
Saint Michel
4. Fourneau Saint-Michel
BE-6870 Saint-Hubert

Welcome to the hunting festival!

It’s that time of the year again: on Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April 2016, HUNTING will be throwing open the doors once more to the biggest hunting party in Benelux, the north of France and the German Eifel! For the 19th time! 
In 2016, we’ll be heading off to Wallonia again, to the town of Saint-Hubert to be exact, the hidden gem of the Ardennes. The wonderful Fourneau Saint-Michel nature reserve and open-air museum is the chosen destination for HUNTING CAPITAL 2016. 
Because Saint-Hubert is the capital of all hunters. In Europe alone, there are no less than 7,000,000 of us, so what could be more fitting than the name HUNTING CAPITAL as a celebratory tribute to the world capital of hunting, and its beloved patron saint of hunters and other nature lovers, St. Hubertus. 
Our hunting event, and all the hunters, nature and wildlife lovers will have access to no less than 400,000 m² of striking natural and historical heritage.  
The 19th edition
For the nineteenth time, national and international stakeholders from the hunting world will be making their way to this hunting event. A journey they’ll be happy to make because there’s no other event like it in terms of the quality of its offering and conviviality. An experience shared by our enthusiastic and wonderfully loyal visitors:
“I found what I was looking for – good organisation, a warm welcome – everything (fantastic fair!) – innovations – contacts – anything and everything to do with hunting was there – the opportunity to meet hunting partners – the atmosphere and the price/quality relationship – the size of the fair and the variety of items on offer – hunting demonstrations – birds of prey – the concept – the wide variety of exhibitors, etc.”
Just a sampling of the many warm reactions expressed on a visitors’ survey. 
Outdoors with an extra
All sorts of outdoor activities will be organised during HUNTING CAPITAL 2016, supporting the event as a whole and making HUNTING CAPITAL a unique experience for every visitor.  And there’s a definite ‘green’ theme running through this festive gathering: there will be a strong focus on hunting, but lifestyle and the outdoors will also be in the spotlight with a broad mix of related activities (birds of prey, dog training demonstrations, laser shooting, archery, Benelux ‘hunting horn’ championship, horses & hounds, weapon engraving, taxidermy, International stag-roaring imitation championship, 4x4 test drives, etc.). In short, something for everyone, even for families!
The following sectors are represented
  • Weapons hunting weapons, sports weapons, knives, crossbows, arrows,...
  • Weapon parts and accessories
  • Clothing hunting clothing, camouflage clothing, thermal clothing, footwear,...
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles and quads
  • Hunting gear highchairs, search tools, fodder equipment, carrier bags, ear protectors,...
  • Optics binoculars, field glasses, peep sights,...
  • Hunting trips at home and abroad
  • Artists paintings, sculptures, photography, taxidermy...
  • Associations hunters’ associations, hunting training,.
  • Hunting dogs kennels, accessories, food, training,...
  • Literature magazines, books,...
  • Gastronomy regional products, wines,...
  • Lifestyle home and outdoor decoration, local products and traditional specialties, country chique,...
  • Sideshows hound demonstrations, bugle players, archery, birds of prey demonstrations, clay shooting, quads and off-road demonstrations,...
Visitors can obtain all the practical information they need such as opening hours, ticket prices and directions on the Visitors page. To order a ticket to the opening of the fair, please go to Tickets.
A precious cultural heritage 
The sparsely-populated, peaceful and yet easy-to-reach, hilly Belgian Ardennes are known at home and abroad as one of the most beautiful natural areas in Europe. And quite rightly so! With seemingly endless forests, interspersed with waterfalls, rivers, streams and rapids, the Belgian province of Luxemburg is the biggest and most wooded area in the whole of Belgium. Consequently, it is gorging with game and, what’s more, it is home to a whole range of wonderful atmospheric places. 
HUNTING CAPITAL in Fourneau Saint-Michel is a festive combination of game, hunting, nature, folk life and cultural heritage, which will reach its climax in the springtime, in the budding month of April, 2016. 
In addition, this region is brimming with charming B&B’s, authentic inns, farms, castles, cloisters, hostelries, and the most conceivable and inconceivable range of accommodation
Heaven for anyone who loves the beauty of nature, delicious food and a relaxing time spent with their loved ones. 
If you’re interested in taking part in HUNTING CAPITAL as an exhibitor, just click on the Exhibitors option in the menu. 
Even more fired up than ever by the strong and decisive response from the HUNTING community which has been attending our events all these years, your HUNTING CAPITAL team is ready to make this 19th event another unique and unforgettable celebration.